Casters and Wheels

CWIH represents some of the biggest names in the caster and wheel industry. With Faultless, Albion, Shepherd, MedCaster and Jarvis available, we can solve any caster and wheel problem.

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Furniture Caster

Furniture Casters
25-150 lbs.

Medical Caster

Medical Casters
50-1000 lbs.

Light Duty Caster

Light Duty Casters
25-200 lbs.

Medium Duty Caster

Medium Duty Casters
200-1000 lbs.

Heavy Duty Caster

Heavy Duty Casters
1000 lbs. +

caster stainless steel

Stainless Steel Casters
100-2000 lbs.

Specialty Caster

Specialty Casters
25-3000 lbs.